Imaging and Color

  1. Entertainment Technology in the Internet Age, SMPTE Topical Conference, Panelist, Stanford, CA, June 2013

  2. NVIDIA’s Computational Photography Architecture, SCIEN Colloquium, Stanford, CA, April 2013

  1. Color Imaging for Mobile Displays, Invited Talk, OSA Imaging Systems and Applications, Monterrey, CA, June 2012

  1. sRGB - Work in Progress, ISCC/IS&T/SID Special Topics Meeting - Revisiting Color Spaces, San Jose, CA, November 2011

  2. The future of Photography, Invited Keynote, SPIE/IS&T Electronic Imaging Conference, San Jose CA, January 2010

  1. Optimum Red and Infra-Red Filtering for Digital Image Capture,  SMPTE 2009 Technical Conference, Hollywood, CA, October 2009

  1. HDR Imaging in an HDR World, Symposium and Workshop on High Dynamic Range Imaging, Stanford, CA September 2009. Was also one of the organizers and workshop leaders.

  1. The State of the Art in HDR Video, DARPA Next Generation Vision Sensors and Algorithms Workshop, Arlington, VA, April 2009

  1. Emerging Requirements in Surveillance Applications, Image Sensors Conference, San Diego, CA, Nov 2008

  1. Eclipse - Real Time Ambient Light Rejection with Digital Pixel Imaging Sensors, SCIEN Colloquium, Stanford, CA, October 2008

  1. The development of a High-Dynamic-Range Video Chipset, Pan-Pacific Imaging Conference, Tokyo, June 2008

  1. Image Sensing Requirements in Surveillance, Image Sensors Conference, London, March 2008

  1. Limiting Factors for WDR Imaging, IEEE ISSCC Forum, San Francisco, CA, Feb 2008

  1. Eyeballs Everywhere, Panelist, 6Sight Conference, Monterey, CA, Oct 2006

  1. HDR in Surveillance, The 5th China Public Security Forum, Beijing, Nov 2005

an oldie but goldie...

  1. R. Motta, M. Anderson, S. Chandrasekar, and M. Stokes, Proposal for a Standard Color Space for the Internet - sRGB, , W3C Printing Workshop, Cambridge, MA (April  1996)

US Patents

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Selected RECENT presentations

For me the whole point of designing and building great imaging systems is to be able to use them to create great images. I have been fortunate to have worked on the best systems and with the best people.